6 Car Wash Tips That Can Change Your Method Of Car Washing

You schedule a routine for your car maintenance. You leave your car at the maintenance shop and get back to work. After proper maintenance, your car is super-stable to drive. You feel more comfortable and confident about the interior and the driving. All is going well until you realize that something your car still wants. What is it? Something related to its exterior. A car wash, that can turn the whole game for your car. Perhaps a cool, fresh wash could give your car a pleasant look.

Now the question is How to wash your car? Leaving it in some car wash stations? Where you don’t have any idea about what exactly they are using in washing your car. Is the soap not that hard? Is the detergent is of good quality? Are they treating your car with good care? Well, firstly, you don’t have the answers, and secondly, you don’t have that much time to ask. Then you thought of giving your car a hand wash.

Now many out there think that giving a bath to the car is easy. If you are also one from this group, then this is not what you think. There are many do’s and don’ts in washing a car which is just icing on the cake, a simple mistake can cost you a hundred dollars debt. So here we present you six car wash tips you can look upon while considering bathing your car.


Use car wash soaps

If you are thinking of using normal dishwasher soaps, you need to stop here. There are specific car wash soaps available in stores with which you can wash your car easily. Also, avoid hard water and soaps, as they can harm your paintwork badly. Choose a soft cloth, clean water, a brush with soft bristles, and start splashing your car.

If we talk about our services, we guarantee you to provide the best products for your car wash without damaging an inch of your paintwork.


Give a start from the bottom to the top

Start splashing from the bottom to the top, or as per your convenience. Treat the delicate areas first, wash them thoroughly. As a professional mobile car wash in Brampton, we know where the delicate parts of a car lie. We can manage to follow all the given instructions as per the guide.

Make sure the contaminants would not be going to resurface in the areas that have already been cleaned. Start rinsing the roof, sideways, glasses. Back, side mirrors. Repeat the rinsing cycle, washing, preventing extra soap from being deposited at any cracks or holes. Also, never work under the scorching sun, as it can damage the paintwork, always choose a shady place for the job.


Use products to remove unwanted stains

There are some contaminants, like grease, oil-based products, that cannot be easily removed at home, for that, you need special chemicals to rinse it off, soap can also be used in a way to get rid of it, if the stain is water-soluble, while others require grease-based or oil-based removers.

Road tar, bug residue, rail dust, rusts, paint marks, all these are obstinate contaminants that cannot be removed easily. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of it, and here you need a professional guide for help.

If we talk about ourselves, our professionals have different car wash chemicals to treat such dirt. Once our experts thoroughly clean your car, it’s easy to figure out the areas of deep contamination. Need help call us tel:(437) 215-9867


Give a touchup to your paintwork

Paint chips are a pretty common problem for any vehicle. There could be many reasons for it. During formal driving, rock can be the reason for damaging your paintwork. Perhaps of the fact that paintwork is considerably durable but still, to keep it safe from corrosion, touchups are necessary.

Find a suitable color and give a light hand to the areas, which are chipped off. But you need to understand something about the touchups. The touchup can only give your car protection, but it cannot be considered as a substitute for professional paintwork. We at Car Cleanse Detailing offer you a variety of paintwork deals at affordable prices.


Look out for extra accessories

By extra accessories, we mean car carpets and upholstery. Working on the interior parts can be tricky, as you want to clean every inch of your interior so that no dirt would be left behind.

For better care, vacuum the carpets first, cautiously.

Now moving to the dashboards, they also need to be dust-free, so vacuum it too. Getting off from vacuuming, focus on the stains, use special chemicals to rinse off the stains. Scrub off your carpet thoroughly and then put it back in the position. Relocate everything you dislocated before cleaning the interior.


Use glass cleaner to clean car glasses

Clean your glass so that it would give a sparkling shine after a cleanup. Grab a particular glass cleaner from the store for the purpose. One big mistake people often do is they use home glass cleaners. Home glass cleaners contain a specific amount of ammonia which can result in harming your glasses. Avoid using such cleaners.

Keeping all this information as our priority, we always make sure to avoid such mistakes, our professionals are educated enough to know where and how the products should be used.


Why do we make a difference?

It is a fact. You can wash your vehicle on your own, very conveniently. It is not a big deal for an auto-owner like you to give your car a fresh car wash, but what is the idea of choosing us? Why is it important for you to take help? Let’s discuss it.

  • If you trust us, you will have a complete package from car washing, auto-detailing to vehicle tune-up.
  • Moreover, all these packages are available at the most decent prices.
  • We value your car, and you can surely trust us. You will be having a car that is spot-free by every means once we are done detailing.



What do we provide?

  1. Hand car wash
  2. Spillage and odor removal
  3. Auto-detailing
  4. Full interior cleaning
  5. Car drying


Contact us, and we are ready to join hands.



Your car is an important asset and a big investment of yours. It is our responsibility to value it. These mentioned car wash tips would perhaps be going to help you in dealing with your car personally. But we, as car interior detailing experts in Brampton, invite our people like you to contact us to get the best for your car.

Note: The work would be done right at your place according to your schedule, you would do your full check and verification at the completion of the work before we leave your place. We will not be held responsible for any damages to your car reported after we have left your premises.

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