about us

Car Cleanse

Car Cleanse was originally a car wash and detailing service provider, open throughout Mondays and Sundays. The extended care and affection for our client’s satisfaction have made us excel in other general automotive services as well. At present, we do not only offer basic car washing and detailing services, but we have also established a separate mechanics department to cater tire and rim replacement, oil and filter change, engine tune-up, window tinting, dent, and scratch removal as well as compounding services.

We are a premium service provider when it comes to delicacy and efficacy. We have both automatic and manual Lave Auto services for a quick refreshment of your vehicle as well as a detailed cleaning, respectively. We utilize potent paint protection products and waxes to make your car sparkle just like new. We have developed motherly instincts for complete auto care.

Car washing

In our car wash services, we provide privileges to select either automatic and manual car washing. If you want to wash and go then automatic the one while if you want an overall cleaning you must choose Lave Auto À La Main.

Car detailing

While getting your car detailed by our expert servicemen, you’re going to get your car free of all the scratches, dents and discolorations. At the end of the session, a paint protection coat is applied to make it look shinier.

Car tune-up

With our quality car tune-up service, we’ll not only replace oil and filter, but we’ll also check the condition of the tires as well as the engine components. This will expose all the worn areas that’ll further be corrected on demand.