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Is your car looking dull and shabby? Wondering why your neighbor’s car looks much shinier despite being older? The magic lies in high-quality car waxing.  At car cleanse we don’t just keep your car clean inside out but also apply after-service protective measures that help keep your vehicle safe.


The primary purpose of car waxing is to create a barrier between your car and external contaminants that can leave your car looking old and compromising the paintwork of your vehicle. with the application of a proper wax coat over the paint-work of your vehicle you can prevent swirls, minor dents, and other compromising elements from reaching the crust of the paint. This also helps keep major concerns such as rust at bay.


Here’s what our car waxing service will deliver


  • Shiny exteriors
  • Protection against all types of contaminants
  • Prevent scratches and swirls
  • Improve appearance
  • Keep the car new for a long time
  • Lock the benefits of detailing in


You can opt for a complete detailing service or choose to get your vehicle coated properly at our facility. We are ready to assist you.

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